Amanda Lima has created work as an Illustrator and paper designer since 2015. She specializes in creating thoughtful visuals full of color for advertising campaigns, packaging design, games and editorial. 
Her work is guided by two main objectives: telling stories and engaging with the audience, always guided by the three I's of illustration: Imaginative, Informative and Interactive.

Selected clients: Hasbro | Roku | Fisher Price | Play Monster | Play-Doh | Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | Delta TechOps | Atlanta Magazine | Anthem WW (SGK) | Kellogg’s | Jumbo Magazine
Other Projects
In 2020, as schools were shut down and everything was happening online, I started a project to encourage kids and parents to come back to the tactile world for a bit and play together with fun and creative activities.
If you’d like to talk about a creative project or have any business inquiries, you can email me at:

Represented in the US by Mendola Artists
Tim Mendola

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