In 2020, as schools were shut down and everything was happening online, I started a project to encourage kids and parents to come back to the tactile world for a bit and play together with fun and creative activities.
This was the main goal behind Moon Paper Toys Club, and in the course of the project, a series of paper toys collections were designed for families to print and build at home.
The Trip to the Moon collection included a series of space themed toy templates, a B&W astronaut template so kids could insert themselves into the story, supplementary assets like posters, coloring pages and other activities as well as fully illustrated tutorials for each toy model. Video tutorials for each toy could also be viewed on YouTube, in the Moon Paper Toys Club channel.
You can download a free sample by clicking the downloads button on the right.
The Trip to the Moon collection included 11 different toys: The polar bear, bunny and giraffe in their best astronaut suits, two friendly aliens, one rocket, one alien space ship, two cows, a moon and a B&W astronaut.
The process to create the paper toy models begins with creating a 3D model of the shapes needed, then the 3D model is flattened and we begin to test out the construction and the sizes for each piece.
Once dimensions and construction have been decided for each shape, it's time to sketch out each toy on the open template. From there we move on to final line work and color, before arranging each template on the final sheet.
Additional assets for the collection included a poster, a moon seas map, coloring pages, and a space explorer card.
The collection also includes illustrated tutorials for each toy model.
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